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10 Things Java should Steal from Ruby

I gave [this presentation](http://media.techtarget.com/audioCast/TSSCOM/TSSJS_Barcelona_Bruce_Tate_2006-8-02.mp3) at TSS in Barcelona, Europe. It’s now available at TheServerSide.

These are the 10:

  • Closures. They are important abstractions, and more than syntactic sugar for loops.
  • Continuations. They enable many different optimizations for programming, including perhaps the next generation of powerful web servers.
  • Metaprogramming. It’s much easier in Ruby, due to a handful of features such as open classes.
  • Convention over XML. Most now agree that Rails has this part right.
  • True templating rather than JSP.
  • Scripting languages (Groovy, JavaScript?) with HTML instead of Java.
  • Investment in Wrapping frameworks. Hibernate is strong, but so is ActiveRecord. Each has its place.
  • Focus on simplicity. Java is abandoning its base to handle the most difficult problems at the expense of the 80% of the Java developers who need to build simple applications.
  • More aggressive stewardship. Take out bad features. Stretch to add new important ones, even at the risk of breaking backward compatibility.
  • Embrace beginners. Java’s no longer approachable.

My Ruby-based practice has shown me a dramatically different programming experience. But Java’s not going anywhere. That’s a good thing…

but it’s also part of the problem.